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Administrative Law

The team of administrative lawyers within the Public Law Department of ARPA Abogados Consultores offers consultative, preventive and contentious advice services, both to private clients (individuals, enterprises, etc.) and public clients (councils, provincial councils, municipal associations, public companies, etc.) on the different fields of administrative law, especially administrative and contentious-administrative appeals, expropriations, fines and penalties, public contracts, subsidies, public companies, urban planning, etc.

Administrative claims and appeals filed by or with the Administration, as well as contentious-administrative appeals and incidents substantiated in contentious-administrative courts and tribunals in relation to:

  • Town Planning: Licences, appeals, expropriation proceedings, infringements, penalties, fines, authorisations on undeveloped land, etc.

  • Environment: Integrated environmental authorisation, unified environmental authorisation, classified activity licences, authorisation of environmental impacts, environmental impact statements, discharges, noise, emissions, waste, energy, photovoltaic and wind energy installations, fines, etc.

  • Town Councils, Councils, Provincial Councils and Associations of Municipalities: Disputes, sanctioning proceedings, licences, ex officio reviews, local property, etc.

  • Public procurement: Appeals of public contract awards, challenges to tender specifications, etc.

  • Property: Mines, hydrological public domain (waters), mountains, ports, coasts, communal lands, etc.

  • Disciplinary proceedings: Environment, town planning, health, traffic, etc.

  • Financial responsibility of Public Administrations and responsibility of the State Legislator.

  • Public aid and Grants: Repayments, reductions.

  • Expropriations: Public utility, fair market value.

ARPA Abogados Consultores’ Public Law Department, made up of a team of lawyers and consultants for municipalities, municipal associations, minor local institutions (municipal councils…), local public companies, autonomous agencies, etc., intervenes to support them on matters such as:

  • Drafting contracts, agreements and ordinances.
  • Consulting regarding their organisation (meetings, agreements, minutes, calls, etc.).
  • Public procurement: Contract documents and procedure.
  • Creation of linked and dependent entities (autonomous agencies, public companies, public entities, etc.).
  • Administrative procedure.
  • Local Tax Authorities: Taxes, special contributions, ordinances…
  • Election and interaction of local public service administration models.
  • Challenges: Procedures and defence through the administrative and contentious-administrative channel, appeals before the Navarre Administrative Court (TAN).
  • Records for the property liability of the administration.
  • Drafting of legal reports.
  • Legal system, organisation and local entities’ operation.
  • Public goods: Communal land, roads, infrastructure and public equipment.
  • Patrimonial goods of the Administration.

In terms of public procurement, intended for both private and public clients, the team of administrative lawyers of ARPA Abogados Consultores provides services such as:

  • Drafting documents of general or particular economic and administrative conditions.

  • Public projects and infrastructures.

  • Participation in contract awards.

  • Advice on dispute resolutions resulting both from preparing and awarding procedures and public contract enforcement.

  • Advice on dispute resolutions resulting both from preparing and awarding procedures and public contract enforcement.

  • Public contracts of other entities and contracting authorities, apart from the Public Administration.

  • Drafting of reports and legal opinions.

  • Appeals and complaints before recruitment boards and the Central Economic-Administrative Tribunal of Contractual Appeals.

  • Contentious-administrative appeals.

  • Expropriations: Urban planning, public infrastructure, mining…

  • Advice during the different phases of the expropriation procedure, both regular and urgent.

  • Declaration of public interest and need to occupy.

  • Drafting of reports and legal opinions.

  • Claims for a better appraisal, appraisal sheets and expert reports.

  • Reappraisal of expropriated assets.

  • Recapturing expropriated assets.

  • Contentious-administrative appeals against decisions of the Provincial Expropriation Jury.

Intended for private and public clients, ARPA Abogados Consultores provides services such as:

  • Administrative claims for refunds and reductions of subsidies.

  • Violations and sanctions.

  • Drafting reports and legal opinions.

  • Lodging administrative appeals.

  • Lodging contentious-administrative appeals.

  • Identification and processing of permits, licences, concessions and environmental approvals.

  • Waste, spills and emissions and atmospheric protection.

  • Identification of environmental regulations.

  • Liability for environmental damage.

  • Defence in ecological offences or crimes tax.

  • Environmental impact assessment.

  • Noise, vibrations and offensive odours.

  • Activities in Non-Developable Land.

  • Natural spaces, heritage forest and wildlife.

  • Sanctioning proceedings: contentious-administrative appeals.

  • Consulting and monitoring, both in preparing and planning instruments, and the effects of such instruments on individuals or companies.

  • Study of the economic consequences or consequences of another nature that were foreseen in the properties affected by the planning.

  • Creating urban planning agreements with the Administration, both related to planning and management.

  • Participation in building and land use: urban licences, statements of ruin, etc.

  • Protection of the urban legality: Suspension and demolition of building works, urban inspection…

  • Urban penalty law: Urban infraction, sanctions…Creating and monitoring resources administratively and processing records.

  • Urban implications regarding the environment.

  • Defending the client’s interests against the decisions of the Public Administrations.

  • Property liability of the Administration: Compensation for damages.

  • Expropriations: Defence of the rights affected by expropriations.

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