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José Antonio Arrieta Garnica
ARPA Accounting

ARPA Abogados Consultores believes mediation is an agile and effective method for the positive management of conflicts between two or more parties, and this is why we have a qualified team of mediators comprising various professionals.

These professionals are responsible for helping the parties to find and generate alternative solutions that are more flexible and creatives and that allow them to reach an agreement which is satisfactory to all parties, with a lower economic and emotional cost (compared to a judicial procedure).



  • Mediation services, in the following areas:
    1. Disputes between members of family businesses.
    2. Disputes between partners and/or with the management bodies of commercial companies.
    3. Succession processes.
    4. Disputes within organisations.
    5. Disputes in homeowners’ associations.
    6. Asset division.
    7. Commercial disputes (defaults, breach of contracts, company mergers or spin-offs, etc.).
    8. Liability for professional negligence.
    9. Claims regarding tort liability.
    10. Franchise disputes.
  • Advisory services to one of the parties to successfully deal with mediation processes (formulation of proposals, information transmission, etc.) and assistance during the course of mediation.

  • Drafting of legally binding contracts agreed upon in mediation.


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  • José Antonio Arrieta Garnica
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